SIS (School Information System) Roles and Responsibilities

During the summer break, we transitioned from Education Edge to Veracross. There is a long list of reasons why we decided to do this, but I won’t go into that in this post. Veracross provides more support than Education Edge to a number of roles across the school, from the receptionist to the registrar to the admissions team to the faculty. But with this additional support comes additional responsibilities. As a result, some roles have had to take on extra responsibilities. The following document details the current SIS roles and responsibilities at my school. We are only two months into the implementation of Veracross and I expect this document to go through a few versions before the end of the academic year.

Website Roles and Responsibilities

We’re about to begin the process of redesigning our website at my school. Before we start I thought it would be a good idea to redefine the current roles dealing with the website and while I’m at it define a few new roles. The end result is the following document.