Reflections on Course Two


Course 2 for me was more challenging than Course 1. A number of issues and topics were introduced during the course that I hadn’t encountered before. Two that spring to mind are copyright law and branding. I found the readings, videos and blog posts on copyright to be quite interesting. Without really noticing it, I wrote a blog post in the second or third week that kind of went on the offensive against remixes. I didn’t really intend on doing this – I was just going along with my own thought processes. As for branding, I’m still not sold. I see its advantages but I don’t see how it makes me a better teacher. Maybe in Course 3, I’ll see how some of my colleagues are developing their brands and I’ll change my mind but until then I’m going to hit pause on branding.

My project for Course 2 was a unit plan that continues on from the unit plan I made in Course 1. Like the original, this unit employs blogs as the vehicle for student expression. This time, however, students are required to blog about copyright and Creative Commons. I’ve embedded the unit plan below.

Happy holiday season everyone!

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Branding? Not for me………. at least not now

Volta: Coffee/Commodity/Art

In this week’s readings, there was an article on branding by Dan Schawbel. After reading through it for the first time, despite having about a 100 questions, I kind of liked the gist of branding. I can see how it could help in separating one from the rest when applying for a job. And, moreover, I can see how it could, depending on the quality of the brand, help in attracting job offers – what I mean to say is, I can see how branding could elevate one’s online presence which may, in turn, result in companies or schools making job offers.

But, I kind of feel branding is meant for consultants and presenters – people with jobs that depend on presence and reputation. Not for people like me.

I’m a teacher. My job doesn’t depend on my online presence. I’m not saying that I don’t need an online presence, in fact, I think it’s vital that teachers nowadays have one. But, what I’m trying to say is, I don’t see the point. How is branding going to make me a better teacher? How is branding going to help my students?

As always, your thoughts and comments are more than welcome.

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