Reflections on Course One

Looking back on course one of COETAIL, the weekend workshop The Networked Educator with Chris Betcher and Kim Cofino really stands out for me. It was an incredible learning experience. Both days I left the venue with my head spinning from all the amazing ideas I had been introduced to. Chris and Kim are two super talented teachers – and their students and schools are very lucky to have them.

I didn’t realise until that weekend just how far technology had gotten ahead of me. Diigo, Twitter, about ten different Google technologies – they were all new to me. It was overwhelming how little I actually knew. I hadn’t felt like this since the day I powered up my first PC and began using Windows 95 for the first time. My interest in technology was reignited that weekend. Thanks COETAIL members!

I found the final project of course one to be really tough. I had never used a unit planner like the one we were given before.  Trying to get my head around some of the questions it was asking while at the same time trying to use the planner for a real unit proved to be a very difficult task. I found myself constantly reiterating through the planner redefining sections as I went.

I really feel that I couldn’t have tried any harder on my final project – I gave it everything I’ve got. It’s a unit that meets a number of syllabus outcomes and NETS for students. I just hope the students get into it!

Bring on course two!


One thought on “Reflections on Course One

  1. Thanks for all your hard work during this course Jamie! It’s quite a challenge to both be introduced to UbD and create a unit in one go and you’ve done a great job! Out of curiosity, what kind of unit planning process do you use at your school?

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